Mount Maroon

There are so many bush-walks and small mountains that can easily be climbed in less than a day close to Brisbane; Mount Maroon is one of my favourites. Part of the McPherson Range and Mt Barney National Park south-west of Brisbane, Mount Maroon offers fantastic views of neighbouring mountains, dams and rivers and the beautiful tapestry of farmland and forest.

After a scenic drive and a short fire trail (NB: these are always more comfortable in a 4×4), Alyce and I embarked on our climb of Mount Maroon. The track becomes quite steep pretty quickly, but it was free of any significant amounts of rock scrambling and was pretty well shaded in the early morning. We had no issues following the path, though there were few opportunities for great photo-ops on the way up due to dense trees. The view from the top was spectacular, and well worth the hour or two of climbing. Unlike the day we climbed Mount Barney, we had blue skies and perfect weather. A group of girls were departing the summit as we arrived, so we enjoyed the 360-degree views all to ourselves.

Round trip – ~2-3 hours + 30 mins sitting on the summit and taking in the view.
Difficulty – moderate, unrelenting climb and heavy on the pre-fatigued legs coming down.
View – spectacular, 360-degree views.

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