Mount Beerwah

Autumn is the best time of year to get out and about in SEQ. It’s cooler, there’s plenty of daylight and the skies are starting to get that deep blue look to them. Alyce and I had a day off recently and decided to tackle one of the Glasshouse Mountains – Mount Beerwah.

We’ve climbed a few local peaks and they are all quite different. They range from walks along well demarcated paths to steep hikes/rock scrambling that have left us with PTSD (I’m looking at you, Barney!). Beerwah is a shorter hike, but has a significant amount of rock-scrambling. You can basically park at the base of the mountain and after a little stroll, arrive at a steep rock face that you scramble up for the best part of 1 hour.

The steep faces give you fantastic vantage points as you ascend the mountain and round the peak.

The final climb over the summit gives way to this view to the east… it’s breathtaking.

Tibro might be next.

After a few quick photos and a selfie on the summit, we headed back down.

Round trip – ~2 hours + 30 mins sitting on the summit and taking in the view.
Difficulty – moderate, prepare to scramble.
View – outstanding and very worthwhile

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  1. That is really stunning! Well done 🙂 Really like the contrast of the color, angle and the amazing view ! Just one tiny thing 🙂 Jargon Dr jargon lol For international viewers…where is SEQ?? 😉 Keep the lovely pictures coming 🙂

    1. Haha – thanks for the comments Kwong! SEQ is South East Queensland for anyone looking for some adventure!

  2. You have really done it justice with those beautiful photos.

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