Yandilla Camping Weekend

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It isn’t often that Alyce and I find that our rosters match and we get an entire weekend off. We often get a day during the week, or one day on the weekend, but we hit the jackpot over the recent long weekends and scored 4 days off. Together. We decided early to make the most of it and go camping. I was coming off nights so I was pretty useless in the preparation department, so Alyce organised most of the event. We invited the fam along, booked in a cute little farm-stay campground north-west of Brisbane and packed the ute for a weekend of fun.

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We were the first to arrive in the campground and after doing a quick trip, realised we could nab the only undercover fire-pit. Nailed it! It truly is amazing how fast you can setup a tent when it’s raining. We found some shelter, opened our camp chairs and popped our feet up on the esky, ready for the weekend ahead! We enjoyed the first night with Mum and Garry, a few beers and some enormous T-bone steaks from the local butcher. The following morning, we had bacon and eggs with some stove-top coffee (Black Sheep, no less) by the fire! It doesn’t get much better than that.

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The rain cleared the following day and as the other campers dribbled in we sang happy-birthday, ate cake, snapped the odd photo and played some games. This pretty much continued the entire weekend. And it turns out Dannielle isn’t only invited to bring the liquorice all-sorts. She set up a tent, kindly donated her tarp, made an amazing cake and killed it on the slack-line.

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We had just enough post-cake energy to trek up the creek-bed to skim some of the worlds smoothest rocks at each other before retreating back to camp for curry night and toasted marshmallows.

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With some cloud over-head the following day, we seized the opportunity to try the new 4×4 on some off-road paths through the national park. Unfortunately, I thought it would be safer not to take my camera. I was wrong. The weather was only cloudy and I missed out on photographing some beautiful little creeks in the national park. We did get some photos of Australia’s finest cricket.

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We basically did everything you would want to do while camping for a weekend. It’s sad that it’s over, but since it was so easy, I think everyone is keen for another weekend of fun when our rosters line up! Thanks for an amazing weekend and Happy Birthday David! Counting down the days until we can sleep under the stars again!

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