NZ 2015: South Island – Christchurch

The final stop on our holiday was the bustling city of Christchurch. We had a few buffer-days on the South Island in case of bad weather, but we got a great run around the southern point and ended up with two relaxing days in Christchurch to unwind from our whirlwind trip. We enjoyed heaps of good coffee, some great street food, did a lot of window shopping and took a heap of photos of all of the quake-damaged buildings and street art. I must say though, that I’ve never seen as many red-hats on the street as I did in Christchurch. I’ve never seen as many CookieTime’s either! We finished our amazing holiday with a night of cocktails laughs, not too dissimilar from how we started! So many good times; so much love.

Alyce <3 NZ-639NZ-644NZ Fuji-063NZ-647NZ-649NZ-655NZ-659NZ-665NZ-669NZ-670NZ-672NZ-676NZ Fuji-065NZ-677NZ-679NZ-681NZ-687NZ-689NZ-690NZ Fuji-067NZ-696NZ Fuji-071NZ Fuji-069NZ-700

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