NZ 2015: North Island – Taupo to Napier


Taupo is a beautiful, quaint little town on a huge lake. As we were there in winter, there wasn’t a great amount of activities to do on the freezing cold water, so we were both excited to move on to the next city. We wanted to break up the drive down to Wellington, so we decided to trek out to Napier on the eastern coast.

On the way to Napier, our little GPS-radio device beeped and announced that we were about to pass a waterfall. We pulled off the road and drove about 30m before being able to look out at this stunner! We’d obviously eaten too many lollies on the road too because we took silly photos of ourselves, the van and the drive that day!
NZ Fuji-032NZ-106NZ Fuji-030NZ-110NZ-112NZ-113NZ-117NZ-119

This seaside town is CUTE! The buildings were all built after an earthquake in the 20’s so the are all styled and designed in a similar theme. They call it ‘Art Deco’, but no one actually knows what that means. Think retro. Then wind it back a few years. Oh, and the port is full of wood, but there’s a great vantage point for wicked sunsets.
NZ-122NZ-127NZ-128NZ-130NZ-131NZ-133NZ Fuji-036

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