NZ 2015: North Island – Southward Car Museum

The drive from Napier down to Wellington was a long one! We planned for the drive though and left plenty of time for breaks. Not far from Wellington, our little GPS-radio beeped again to inform of us an upcoming attraction. A car museum. But not just any car museum. The Southward Car Museum. Which actually came highly recommended by Mum, who can barely remember the brand of cars she’s owned, so that’s something! I ran the idea by Alyce (“Hmmmm, I don’t mind…”) and BOOM! We were pulling into the huge driveway and parting with our NZDs. I almost walked out when I got to the entrance, but I reminded myself that Mum was impressed, so I gave it a shot. And I’m actually really glad I did. The place was fantastic. They had a crazy collection of old and new, bullet-riddled and restored, comical and slick looking vehicles. See for yourself.


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