NZ 2015: North Island – Auckland to Taupo

Alyce and I counted down the days to our holiday. We quite enjoy working, and love getting paid, but we both watched the final days slide by as we planned our road trip through New Zealand. We locked in a few activities early: we knew we wanted to ski again; we both wanted to visit Milford Sound and we both thought it would be a good idea to see some cool sites on the north and south island.

Like most holidays, I planned on taking 1kg of clothing and 19kg of photography gear, and I’m damn glad I did. We both snapped a heap of photos and I’ve only just had the time to sort, edit and export them for the blog. Sorry for the delay – I know a lot of you have been waiting patiently (some of you impatiently).

Here’s the first of many posts that document our travels.

We paid for a Mighty, but picked up a Britz! This beast behind us was home for the next 3 weeks.
NZ Fuji-002 NZ-002NZ Fuji-006NZ-004NZ-005NZ-008NZ-009NZ-013NZ-015NZ-017NZ-024

Waitomo Caves:
The caves are dark. Really dark. And they don’t let you take photos inside so that the worms can actually attract and enjoy prey. Here’s a shot of me that Alyce took as we left the caves. If you’re in the area, we both highly recommend a trip to Waitomo Caves. Being inside the cave and staring up at the thousands of glow worms reminded me of the Milky Way on a clear night. It was magical.
NZ Fuji-007NZ-025

This place was smelly. Like rotting eggs. Mixed with poops. But once you get passed the smell (and your olfactory system is stunned), the visual sense really takes over. The thermal activity provides an array of wonders – from geysers to bubbling mud pools and pastel cess-pools that look photoshopped!
NZ-033NZ-034NZ-039NZ-041NZ-044NZ-053NZ-058NZ Fuji-010NZ Fuji-009NZ-059NZ-065NZ-067NZ-071NZ Fuji-015NZ Fuji-014NZ-072

Huka Falls:
This place was once NZ’s most visited natural wonder. And in true Kiwi style, you can jet boat to the mouth of the waterfall.

Taupo is a small town that sits on the northeastern end of an enormous lake that shares its name. The town seems to thrive off water-based activities, so we took the opportunity to ride an old boat out to see some Maori rock carvings. Who said New Zealand is always cloudy? If you need to stimulate your tastebuds after escaping Rotorua, check out The Brantry.
NZ-083NZ Fuji-023NZ-085NZ-086NZ-088NZ-090NZ-093NZ-094NZ-103NZ-104

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