Sam Jones. One sexy nugget.

You only need a few really, truly good friends in your life. The kind of friend that always tells you to harden up, and then drop what they’re doing to lend an ear when you’re at the corner of Struggle St and FML Boulevard. To me, Sam is one of those guys.

Sam has already accomplished a lot in his life. You might know him as the Bondi Brisbane Vet. Or that guy from Med Revue that you’ve never seen at Uni before. You probably recognise his voice from ABC radio. He’s a lot of things, to a lot of people. You’ve probably even seen his …… So when Sam asked me if I’d snap a few photos of his noggin for an application to get his mug on TV, I told him to beat it I’d be happy to help! Hopefully we see more of this guy on TV. Good luck mate!

Sam Jones-1Sam Jones-3Sam Jones-4

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  1. Whoever you are sam jones I would love to be your lady boy. Your bow tie is so manly and yet feminine. And that checkered shirt adds that broke back mountain/ fake cowboy dimension that’s just so hot. Call me

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