Travel Thursday: Nepal

I’m sure you’ve all heard the tragic news and seen the devastation that has resulted from the massive quake that has rocked Nepal.  It’s incredible.  The number of reported deaths has already surpassed that of the September 2011 attacks.  The current estimate is up to 10,000 dead and millions affected.  Landslides continue to decimate small villages in the Himalayas.

After visiting Nepal last year, I can say with confidence that the country is very much third-world, has poor infrastructure, and would be struggling to cope with this disaster.  The hospitals that are already struggling to cope with so many patients and so little funding would be bursting at the seams.  Though the people would still have such strong, unbreakable spirit, and their kindness would be palpable.  Poor nations are frequently the ones facing the full force of nature.  I feel grateful to be safe at home, and sad for the friends I made in Nepal who may be affected by this tragedy.  
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