Hasn’t the year gone running by!

Belated post:

It’s mid-July already. Where has 2014 gone? As I type this, I’m reclined with my feet up, staring out over the Pacific Ocean watching the Sun as it sets on another spectacular winter day. The horizon is glowing it’s deep blue with the sky fading into a pastel pink, orange, yellow and finally blue again. I only just found out that I have passed my final exams for med school, and furthermore, I will be spending my intern year at my first preference – the PA Hospital – with some good friends too. I feel extremely lucky, grateful and relieved at the moment.

But there have been other changes too.

Change can be good and bad. On one hand, it’s anxiety provoking and the uncertainty that we face can be quite overwhelming. On the other hand, you can not avoid change (so you may as well embrace it!). Since my last post here, there have been many changes. I’m about 20kg lighter and the fittest I’ve ever been. I am constantly improving with my running (oh yeah, I run now!) and am happy that my 5km time is now consistently under the 20min mark. I also ran a marathon just over a week ago. Yep, a full-42-kilometer-marathon. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done – but like one of the signs that a supporter was holding said, “If it were easy, we’d all be doing it.” Here’s some photos I took from one of my local 5km Parkrun events. I’d usually be in these, but I volunteered while I was resting after the marathon.
Parkrun July 12-001

Parkrun July 12-275

Parkrun July 12-264

Parkrun July 12-239

Parkrun July 12-212

Parkrun July 12-206

Parkrun July 12-144

Parkrun July 12-140

Parkrun July 12-137

Parkrun July 12-124

Parkrun July 12-122

Parkrun July 12-120

Parkrun July 12-097

Parkrun July 12-093

Parkrun July 12-045

Parkrun July 12-036

Parkrun July 12-028

Parkrun July 12-017

Parkrun July 12-008

Parkrun July 12-006

Arguably the toughest change in my life since my last post was ending my engagement with Jas. Jas and I were together for over 6 years; I was just a 20-year-old boy when we first started dating. We had an amazing adventure over those years and it is sad that that chapter of my life has ended. I look back on our time together, particularly those early years, and reflect on the love, companionship, support and excitement that our relationship was full of. We travelled part of the world together and it was such a great time having someone so close in my life. Unfortunately, like every relationship though, you either change with each other, or you drift apart. It’s been hard to cope with that change at times – quite hard actually. It would be an understatement to say that you mourn a loss like that and I guess that’s why I’ve hardly posted here since the start of the year.  2014 has been a tough year.  I appreciate the support that my friends and family have given me over the last 6 months, and am grateful that those around me are so understanding.

While there have been huge changes in my life, I have been trying to focus on staying positive and believing in myself. The physical changes and my achievement running the marathon reflect how important I think it is to believe in yourself and do the small things each day to achieve a greater goal. Lately, my life has been largely about doing the small things each day that give me enjoyment and fulfilment. These little moments might not seem like much at the time, but the happiness they bring is definitely greater than the sum of the individual parts (science reference – nerd).

I hope to post here more frequently as I slowly claw back some time with my camera. I’ll be spending more time doing things that I enjoy and surrounding myself with my beautiful friends and family. I’ve got more excitement to post about as the year rounds itself out. In October, I’m off to Nepal and India and I can not wait!

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