TED Talks: Some recent favourites

I’ve been watching a lot of TED Talks recently.  I have set them up to sync in my iTunes and I’ve finally had the time to get up to date with them. I don’t watch them all, but I’ve watched most of the talks that have been uploaded in the last few months.  Here’s a small selection of my recent favourites!

I’m going to start with this talk as it is the one talk that I think everyone should see. It’s a great discussion on how the perspective on stress can impact us in different ways, and how we can change the way we think about stressful events to better cope.

This next talk gave me a really interesting insight into depression. This is a long talk, but if you have the time, I think it will help you understand how difficult depression can be to experience.

This one is for my fellow medical students but could probably be related to other professionals too. This shows the importance of communication among consultants.

How long do you sleep for? This talk highlights what a lack of sleep may be doing for/to you – being a night-owl, I particularly like the comment about morning people.

This next talk is a light-hearted, entertaining talk that will make you rethink how you are portrayed online, and how others may be wanting to be perceived.

Everything I ever knew about David and Goliath, debunked. Medically hilarious.

I actually watched this talk today – I don’t think I recognise the speaker but he is very funny. He loves math. I actually watch most of the math and physics talks on TED – I think it helps balance out the biology/chemistry that I am always forced to learn and think about at school.

Though I was already familiar with Ray Kurzweil’s invention, this gentleman’s story about how the device changed his life is incredible!

I think I’ve successfully overloaded you with TED Talks. If this selection was entertaining or helpful at all, let me know and I’ll put some more of my favourite talks up.

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