Purling Brook Falls, Springbrook

Springbrook Falls-47 Jas and I have been trying to balance making the most of our time off and doing weather-appropriate activities.  Before the heat wave hit us a few days ago, we decided to head up to Springbrook and explore one of the walking tracks.  Jas’ parents live locally so Jas has done most of the walks through Springbrook years ago, however, I was a total n00b.  I’ve climbed Springbrook quite a few times on motorcycle rides, and while I kinda wished I was on a bike when we were driving up the hill, it was nice to see the terrain from a much slower pace.

After a quick look at the available walks here, We decided to do the Purling Brook Falls walk, which is a moderately challenging 6km circuit (the climb back up the hill is a great stairs workout) if you want to walk to the bottom of the track and swim in the freshwater rock-pool.  Unfortunately, lack of funding and a previous landslide closed part of the track years ago, so we didn’t get to walk under the waterfall and had to double-back on the circuit walk.  Thankfully, the small amounts of rain that we have had recently was enough for the falls actually run, while making the track quite dry and safe (though some other images you can find online with heavy rain are spectacular!).

After the walk, we grabbed some delicious scones and turkish+humus from the cafe at the entrance and cooled down – if you’re peckish after the walk, I recommend checking it out.  Next time we go up, I think I’ll check out Natural Bridge.

Springbrook Falls-01 Springbrook Falls-06 Springbrook Falls-12 Springbrook Falls-08 The first part of the walk is quite flat and takes you passed a few lookouts – the views were spectacular. I tried to bring out more tones in this one to show how it looked on the day.
Springbrook Falls-10 Springbrook Falls-14 Springbrook Falls-07 Springbrook Falls-16 Springbrook Falls-18 Springbrook Falls-20 Springbrook Falls-26 There are plenty of little flowers and pretty plants to point your lens at.
Springbrook Falls-34 Springbrook Falls-32 Midway up/down stream.
Springbrook Falls-33 Springbrook Falls-35 Springbrook Falls-11

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