Flying South for the Summer

Jas and I really enjoy living on the Gold Coast. Especially on the southern end. Burleigh is just around the corner, and Cooly just down the road. Byron is only a short distance further – it’s actually quicker to get to Byron than it is to get to Brisbane most days! So in our short holidays, we decided to fly south wherever possible and explore the southern end of the GC a little more; we even headed down to Byron for a day-trip too. Here’s some photos.

Cooly and Byron-08

Cooly and Byron-12

Cooly and Byron-13

Cooly and Byron-14

Cooly and Byron-09

Cooly and Byron-15

Cooly and Byron-17

Cooly and Byron-19

Cooly and Byron-22

Here’s a few snaps from Byron. We can’t go there without visiting Naked Treaties. So good! If you want a hot tip, get the Bounty. Do it.

Cooly and Byron-28

Cooly and Byron-29

I’ve thrown some additional photos that were sitting on the camera up here too.  It pretty much sums up my holiday. Golf, the beach, reading (and alcohol) and of course, family time. Here’s a little family portrait that was taken over the break.  Ascending heights, just like last year!
Cooly and Byron-25

Cooly and Byron-26

Cooly and Byron-04

Cooly and Byron-06

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