Are you still shaving like a girl?

I turned 26 today, and I can proudly say, I have finally had my first shave. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve been shaving for years. Probably about a decade actually, but previously, I’d never actually shaved like a man. You know, like our grandfathers used to.

Inspired by a blog post on the Art of Manliness, I coaxed Jas into buying me a shaving kit for my birthday (read: I bought it for myself, but it’s technically from Jas). I actually purchased 2 of everything, and sent a set to my brother for his birthday earlier this month. In the package, I received some shaving cream (Taylor of Old Bond St), a razor, a badger hair brush and a nice little stand for the bathroom. I forgot to order blades, so I had to wait a few extra days for them to arrive. Let me just say now that the blades are stupidly cheap.  They cost about $20 for 100. That’s $0.20 per blade. A blade will do for approx 3 shaves. Lets say you shave every other day, that set of blades will last approximately 2 years. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot cheaper than buying cartridge razors from the supermarket!

When the blades arrived, I set everything up, watched a few more clips on youtube, and had my first shave, like a man. Yep, I used my birthday present before my birthday, but at least I get to blog about it… on my birthday.  On my first attempt, I used too much water in the shaving cream, so I didn’t quite get the lather I wanted (NB: you can always add more water, so start of with the residual water in the bowl from soaking your brush, and add more if you need to). I also probably had more beard than was necessary for my first attempt at shaving with a razor. These razors are double edged and considered ‘safety blades’, as they aren’t as dangerous as the old-old school open-faced razors (think cut-throat shaving), but they can still cut you. You are supposed to shave at approx. 30 degrees to the skin – I need to practice holding it more, but I eventually got through my beard. I shaved with the hair, then across the hair, then against the hair. Three shaves, three lathers with shaving cream. I then used an alcohol-free moisturiser (you know, like a man), and proudly paraded my bald, baby-smooth face around the house. Jas was impressed.

I only cut myself once.

I’ve shaved a few times since then and I love it.  I’m slowly getting better.  And people seem to notice the shave.

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3 Replies to “Are you still shaving like a girl?”

  1. About a year ago I was still shaving with an electric shaver, so going to disposable razors was a big change – don’t think I am brave enough for this yet.

  2. dude, don’t mean to be a downer but they kill the badger for that hair

    1. haha thanks Erin – rookie mistake – I’ll have to update that!

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