Photo Diary

Hi reader(s)! I thought I’d throw some photos online without much text, kinda like a visual diary of what I’ve been up to.

A trip to the Currumbin Rock Pools with Jane, Sam and Digby.

Assorted shots-36 Assorted shots-38

Golf with the boys for Man Day.

Assorted shots2-02 Assorted shots2-10 Assorted shots2-04 Assorted shots2-06

Chip and putt with my brother. It was wet. Lucky someone dropped a ShamWow near the green.

Assorted shots2-32 Assorted shots2-33

Cuddles with bubbas at birthdays, christenings and hangouts.

Assorted shots-07 Assorted shots-14 Assorted shots2-29 Assorted shots2-23 Assorted shots2-20 Assorted shots2-31 Assorted shots2-26

Walks, rides and coffees in our suburb.

Assorted shots2-12 Assorted shots3-01 Assorted shots-04 Assorted shots-05

Adventures in Palmy and Burleigh.

Assorted shots-15 Assorted shots-29 Assorted shots-18 Assorted shots-33

And finally, playing around with afternoon sunlight and an epic view.

Assorted shots4-06 Assorted shots4-02

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