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At the start of the year, I helped out with the annual Griffith University Medicine Society Calendar. Every year, the members of the GUMS board put together a calendar that has some of the important dates academic dates on, and sell it to students and admin staff for a nominal fee. I had an idea a few years ago that revolved around shooting the board as fictional characters that portrayed the “12 Types of Medical Students”.

Medicine is a funny degree. The cohort every year has a weird and wonderful mix of students from all walks of life. There’s always a few mature aged students who have left behind exciting careers and have already accomplished so much. There’s the younger students who were enrolled in accelerated degrees that are generally just full of knowledge. Most students have a science background, but there’s always a few from the business or arts. I guess it means that we can all generally learn from each other, and the diversity in the group will make for a well rounded graduate class.

Rhys, the publications executive member this year, and I brainstormed a few ideas, but decided to run with the 12 Types of Medical Students theme. Rhys sent out emails to the other members, and those who wanted to be involved were given characters that Rhys and I invented, and then popped over to be photographed. I made a few photos of each, and then sent them to Rhys who compiled them into the calendar. The characters that we came up were: the nerd; the narcoleptic; the surfer; the provocative; the CV builder; the party animal; the twosie; the mature aged; the jock; the not-from-science; the couple; and the gunner.   We also came up with some quotes that you might hear that type of student say, their favourite/least favourite lecturer and subject/speciality, and their destined career path. Obviously, we exaggerated a little, but it was a fun process.

Rhys did an amazing job with the layouts and ended up getting them printed at a decent size and in COLOUR! Here’s some of the images, and some of the resulting layouts. I couldn’t resist adding my favourite outtakes from the shoot.

GUMS Cal (High)-7Mature Gunner

GUMS Cal (High)-8

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