Beautiful Byron

Jas and I escaped down to Byron again for a night during our holidays. We stayed in the beautiful Atlantic guesthouse (thanks Carlin and James!) and basically just enjoyed the amazing food and scenery in Byron. We knew we wanted to head down there in our break, but this time, we didn’t bother planning anything. We booked the accommodation after waking up and checking the weather, and then just headed down – it was nice being a bit spontaneous.

If you haven’t been there, make sure you find your way to Naked Treaties in Byron. It’s essentially a health food cafe – they make smoothies, lunches, soups and treats made from real food, all blended and processed in store. And it’s just down the road from Atlantic – so if you’re into that kind of thing, I’d recommend staying in Atlantic, and walking down to NTs as soon as you check-in. It’s that good!

We had some amazing weather the day we arrived in Byron. We made the most of it and headed up to the lighthouse too. For those playing Ingress, there’s also a boat load of portals up for grabs as no one seems to be playing in Byron. I’m glad we headed up to the lighthouse when we arrived, as the second day in Byron was like being in a cold, wet cloud.

Another favourite that we only just discovered is Top Shop. It’s a cafe and burger joint just out of the main grid of Byron town – you could ride there easily, but we stopped there on the way up to the lighthouse.  The burgers and chips were delicious, and the coffee was okay too (probably not as good as Bayleaf, but drinkable, even by my standards).

It was too cold to swim, but Jas and I enjoyed strolling around Byron town and along the beach front.  We had a beautiful full day before the weather turned on us.  A much needed escape.

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