Miami Marketta and a day at the beach

Hey guys!  It’s been ages since I’ve had a moment to sit down and blog.  I’ve been taking photos, but they’ve just been accumulating on my memory card, or going straight to instagram/Facebook.  Speaking of Facebook, those who follow me are probably already aware of my misfortune recently – I lost my D700 at some stage in the last 3 weeks.  To make matters worse, I actually had a few months of random snaps on the CF card that was in the camera.  Needless to say, they are gone.  That’s a solid lesson learnt – regularly download your CF/SD cards!  Thankfully, I have my gear covered under my contents insurance, so I’ve already managed to replace my D700, but that feeling I had last Friday when I realised I no longer had my camera and lens was horrible.

After picking up a new camera (D800), Jas and I headed to Miami Marketta so I could play with my new camera and we could check out this cool new event on the coast.  Two weeks ago, the guys down at Miami Marketta started an evening event that focuses on street food, art and music.  We had no plans for dinner last Saturday so we decided to head down to sample some of the options.  A few friends went the week before and said the food was amazing, but enjoy fighting the crowds.  We decided to brave the masses and head over, and although it was busy, it wasn’t too crowded.  Jas and I shared some mini soft tacos, the vegetarian gyoza and a dessert.  It was really hard choosing between all of the options, so we just went with what jumped out at us as we walked past.  We took a mini carrot cake home to enjoy later.  Everything was delicious!  We didn’t stay for the music as we had been busy most of the day and just wanted to head home and settle in front of the TV, but we’ll definitely head down again for some more tasty treats.

Currumbin and Marketa-10 Currumbin and Marketa-2 Currumbin and Marketa-5 Currumbin and Marketa-7Currumbin and Marketa-1

We have finally had some cracking weather over the weekend – kind of how I remember my summers as a kid – RAIN FREE!  To make the most of it, Jas and I went for a long walk at Currumbin beach.  We climbed over the rocky point to snap photos before slipping in the water.  It was magic (haha – magic).  Some highlights include a rock that looks like a face (side on), a puppy that kept staring at himself in the reflection (as in, he was there for about an hour doing it) and Jas getting splashed by a wave while I made her sit on a rock for me!  Some not-so-highlights were the sharp, jagged rocks and forgetting sunscreen.

Currumbin and Marketa-11 Currumbin and Marketa-13 Currumbin and Marketa-15 Currumbin and Marketa-16 Currumbin and Marketa-17 Currumbin and Marketa-19 Currumbin and Marketa-22 Currumbin and Marketa-24 Currumbin and Marketa-20 Currumbin and Marketa-25 Currumbin and Marketa-29 Currumbin and Marketa-30 Currumbin and Marketa-18 Currumbin and Marketa-33 Currumbin and Marketa-34 Currumbin and Marketa-23 Currumbin and Marketa-37 Currumbin and Marketa-35 Currumbin and Marketa-38 Currumbin and Marketa-39 Currumbin and Marketa-40 Currumbin and Marketa-41 Currumbin and Marketa-43 Currumbin and Marketa-46 Currumbin and Marketa-47 Currumbin and Marketa-44

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