Hobart Architecture and Parks

Talk about a delay between blog posts. I edited these images way back in Dec/Jan with my other blog posts, but life got in the way and my poor blog has been neglected.  Anyway, hopefully I can get some regular posts going again…

Jas and I carried our cameras almost everywhere in Hobart, and I’m glad we did. There are so many cool, historic buildings and houses throughout the city. Most of the older buildings have kept their charming exterior – I love old buildings!  One thing we both miss after coming home are the gardens in front of the cottages/houses. I’m not sure if it’s the climate, the community or both, but the gardens in Hobart were gorgeous – and in front of most houses too. Even the parks that we stopped in had amazing flowers and shady trees everywhere. Here’s some of my favourite building shots – excuse the perspective distortion/wide angle aspect in some!


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