Kwong is a brilliant lecturer. He taught me not not stir a cheesecake, and told me to put pingpong balls in my pocket. He predominately teaches first and second year medical students how to communicate – skills that are essential for survival in the hospital. He is also a medical doctor, has done a Ph.D, speaks multiple languages fluently and is considered an expert on dealing with death and grief.  Impressively, Kwong has authored numerous books on death and dying and has even toured parts of Asia to speak on the topic.

Kwong approached me recently to snap some photos that will accompany his upcoming book-tour through Asia. He will be giving a series of talks about his 3rd book and his publisher required some current photos for promotion. Without a lot of direction from the publishing company, we shot a series of images that could be used for a wide audience.

I snapped some more formal headshots before asking Kwong to give me some speech-like gestures as he chatted with Jas about plans for the holidays.

All the best for your book-tour Kwong! I look forward to photographing your next campaign too!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words Kris! Job well done : )

  2. NIce images Kris, and the wardrobe and posing variations should server Kwong well!

  3. I know you are not suppose to say nice things about family member in public… but..way to go brother..

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