Suit shopping, selfies and little Isla

I started writing this post ages ago, but I’ve been so flat out with the run up to exams that it has sat being almost ready to post for a few weeks now. I’ve still been carrying the little x100 around and playing with it – it’s a lot of fun and has been performing really well. Here’s a selfie and a shot of Jas in window light.

The run up to exams means one thing (for me) – more coffee! I’ve been trying to pour some funny art that I have seen on Youtube. The best clip definitely goes to the boys at Ona Coffee – check this out –

Everyone is having babies right now and they are all so damn cute! Little Isla will have to put up with all the other boys as she grows up – no one will mess with her! Look how cute she is getting cuddles with Jas! She’s gorgeous!

The other lot of exciting news is that 2 weeks from tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading down to the Hunter Valley for Matt’s bucks weekend away. I have been procrasti-planning the weekend instead of studying – just quietly, it’s going to be awesome! I caught up with Matt and Em a few weeks ago to finish organising our suits. It was a long day, but everyone is stoked with the results. More to come, to be sure.

Here’s Matt and Em’s puppy – Oodle. She’s pretty much the best dog you could ask for.

Just a short post today – I have a heap of photos to edit and get to, but for some reason, learning what the liver actually does seems a little more important at the moment. Hope you’re all well!

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