Travel Thursday: Brighton

Brighton is a cute coastal town south of London. Jas and I drove down there in our van as part of a scenic roadtrip that included a trip to Stonehenge, Bath and Oxford University. I wish we had more time to spend in Brighton, a small walk along the beach and down the pier only left me wanting to see more. As the afternoon came to an end, we sat by the beach at a pub and downed a few pints of lager. I watched a few guys scouring the beach for lost treasures, with mixed success. It must be almost therapeutic to walk the beach, focusing intently on the buzzing and beeping of potential bounty buried under the rocks.

We only spent a few days in Brighton; I will go back one day. It would be nice to see all of these old beach shacks bustling with bodies on a hot summer day.

Photos taken with my D40 and 17-50mm lens.

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