Reviews: Coffee – Bodum Glasses

My own blog caught me off guard this morning when a post went live with absolutely no content in! That’ll teach me for scheduling posts before actually writing them. I’m almost at the end of my coffee hardware reviews, but that doesn’t mean I love this product any less. Today, I will be reviewing the Bodum Pavina double-walled latte and espresso glasses. I’ve posted numerous photos to my facebook, twitter and instagram using these glasses over the last year, and needless to say, they are simply beautiful.

Functionally, the double-walled glass acts as a thermal insulator. This can be both good and bad. The advantage of double-walled latte or espresso glasses means that the heat of the drink is not lost as quickly. When using a regular mug, unless the cup is pre-heated, the cup itself draws some of the heat away from the drink. One coffee too hot and you quickly learn the disadvantages of these glasses – if your coffee is too hot, you will not detect this with your hand and the risk of burning your mouth and tongue sky rockets! Obviously, if you are making the coffee yourself, you are well aware of the temperature of the milk and will be prepared, however, when you happily receive a coffee in one of these glasses from another source, I’d suggest you dip a finger in to the coffee and check the temperature before scalding your previous oral mucosa. Finally, though these glasses are generally more expensive than a regular coffee mug, they are well worth the cash. I’m considering picking up the travel version of these mugs for the commute to the hospital to get some more mileage out of my warm morning latte.

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