Travel Thursday: Santorini

This week, we head back to Santorini for Travel Thursday. Jas and I still dream about heading back to Santorini. The place is just beautiful. While we were there, we enjoyed a bit of down-time, and loved watching the Sun set over the water. One day, we got enthusiastic and signed up to do a volcano walk. Santorini is the result of years of volcanic activity thousands of years ago. The one we visited is just off the coast of the main island and the trip takes you for a walk up to view the crater before stopping at some hotsprings on the way home for a warm swim. Unfortunately, the day we signed up followed a night out on the town, and we were both sporting hangovers. Travelling and drinking yourself senseless don’t go well together. Here’s a photo taken with my trusty D40 and Tamron 17-50mm lens from one side of the crater to the other. We ended up walking around for an hour or so and snapped some photos from the top. The photo really doesn’t portray how hot it was that day too – I should have photoshopped some heat-lines coming off the rocks and everyone wearing thermal suits. It was stupidly hot, but I’m glad we pulled ourselves together. It was worth it.

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