Travel Thursday: Bali

Almost everyone I know has been to Bali at some point in their life. It seems to be one of the first places people visit when they get their passport, well, either Bali or Thailand. Even my Mum have been to Bali!

After visiting Bali for a friends wedding, I can see why it’s so popular! Bali is so close to Australia, and if you’re lucky you can get there on the cheap (and if you’re really, really lucky, you won’t have to stop in Darwin!) For a few hundred dollars, you can stay in a villa that is fully serviced and get a driver around the island for the day. We hired a driver for a few big trips around the island, one of which sent us down to Uluwatu Monkey Temple. I shot this photo of a baby and his Mum not long after arriving, and I knew as soon as the shutter went that I would love it.

Looking through these old images really makes me want to travel again.

This was shot with a D300 and 70-200 VRII lens.

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