Market fun with Jas

Jas has been making a big effort to get to the markets at least once a week for fresh fruit and vege, so I thought I’d accompany her. I actually woke up one morning early enough to get to the markets before all the food was sold, so I figured I’d take my camera for a few snaps. I enjoy walking around the markets. There are always fresh flowers and puppies – who doesn’t love fresh flowers and puppies!? There is one guy that cracks me up every time we go. He’s always got something really fresh to sell, and has an extremely loud, booming voice to sell it with. Last time, it was broccoli. “Fresh broccoli, chopped off the tree this morning!” he kept yelling. The funny thing is, he would wait until someone had just walked passed his store to yell it and it often scared the jebus out of them.

There was another guy selling herbs and potatoes that made me giggle last time too. He saw my camera over my shoulder and the first thing he said was, “Woah that’s a big camera. The first thing I think of when I see a photographer is ‘unemployed’.” It made me laugh because I haven’t been doing much but studying recently, however, I know some of my photographer friends have been so busy they could have put that myth to rest.

I am looking forward to going to the markets again. I would like to be a familiar face so people can relax a little more when they see my camera – or maybe I need to get a more inconspicuous camera like the Fuji x100. Anyway, my hot tip for the markets at the Racecourse near us – don’t drink the coffee. That’s coming from a coffee-snob – you might need the caffeine in the morning to get through the day, but plan ahead and learn from my mistake.

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