Byron Roadtrip

Between the freezing cold snaps and miserable grey days, we’ve had some cracker blue skies and sunshine recently. Jas and I took advantage of one of these days last weekend and headed down to Byron to soak up some vitamin D and visit the markets. I’m always surprised at how close Byron is to us, and yet we hardly ever manage to get down there. It’s almost the same distance to Brisbane and we head up there for birthdays and dinners quite frequently, but something about Byron makes it seem like more of an effort. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because we never want to leave when we get there. We always spot humble little surgeries and practices and fantasize about owning one someday. Then we point out beachfront villas and talk about how we would start the day with a walk around the lighthouse and finish the day with dinner on our balcony overlooking the sunset and the expansive bay. One can dream, right?

Our day down in Byron was a lot of fun. We haven’t had a roadtrip in a long time, and it has been almost a year to the day since we were last in Byron! It’s crazy how time flies! Interestingly, the market hasn’t changed since we were last there. It is still filled with incense, tie-dyed clothes and remedial therapists. We didn’t buy anything this weekend but we did spy some cool handmade furniture for when we have money.

Is that Nyan-dolphin?

We spent a long weekend a few years ago in Byron for our anniversary, and we love visiting the small coastal town whenever we can. We generally eat at the same places each time we visit Byron, but this time, we tried something new! We stopped on the street to sample some delights from Orgasmic Falafel, and as the name suggests, they make pretty good falafel. We grabbed one each to eat by the beach.

Check out this amazing paintwork on this bike. It looks expensive.

The falafel was amazing, but the highlight of the trip (food-wise) was definitely Bay Leaf cafe (again). We managed two coffees each while we were in Byron and both bevvys were full of flavour and made to perfection. The temperature and texture of the milk was spot-on – just how I like my coffees. If you’re in Byron and looking for coffee or food, I highly recommend each of them.

We headed home mid-afternoon feeling content and refreshed. We must remember to get down to Byron more often.

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