Travel Thursday: Croatia

This time, Travel Thursday takes me back to Croatia. I’ve posted a previous image from my time spent sailing around Croatia, but I wanted to put up a few more.

The first is one of the 5 or so frames I managed to grab of Jas jumping off the top of our boat. The plunge into the Med is something I doubt I’ll forget soon. The water is salty and you float due to the increased density. You can see for meters and meters, without any goggles or masks. There are few flies or insects buzzing around and the temperature was perfect in and out of the water (Aug-Sept).

The boats come in all different shapes and sizes too. These few boats were running a similar week-long sail trip that we were on – each of them equipped with an awesome chef and bar. If I were to go again, I’d probably sail via yacht – it’s more expensive but could be a lot more intimate. If you’re there to party though, definitely check out the Sail-Croatia type trips and book in asap!

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