Manly Harbour

I had to venture up to Capalaba recently to get a flash repaired, but I didn’t want to do the drive myself. I checked the weather and convinced Jas to come with by promising her a fun day in the sun and a possible visit to a new op-shop. While we were up there, we took the opportunity to visit Manly harbour and walk along the bay. I’ve rarely visited Moreton Bay, but every time I find myself there, I wonder why I waited so long to come back.

Dad used to take my brothers and I to Wynnum to visit the big pools and play by the bay. We’d play all day and sleep in the car on the way home. Without fail, we always finished the day with a big parcel of hot chips wrapped in paper. Those days make up some of my favourite memories, and while Jas and I decided against the hot chips this time, being by the bay was just as special.

It didn’t take us long to realise that we weren’t the only boat-lovers out enjoying the bay. We stumbled upon this group of old gents who were having a ball racing remote-control yachts. They even had an audible timer, complete with a loud countdown and an obnoxious buzzer to sound the start of a race. I’m not sure how many laps the race was but the guys who were there to watch had a packed lunch and multiple thermos to keep them company.

Before heading back to the coast, we decided to find a good cafe in the area and sit down to warm up and enjoy some caffeine. I referred to my trusty coffee-companion, Beanhunter, and decided to check out Dramanti Artisan Roaster in Wynnum. The cafe only had a few reviews on Beanhunter, but each one was positive. Also, each reviewer had multiple reviews to their name, so they seemed honest. It was a successful venture and Jas and I left with a kilo of beans to try at home too – what a great way to finish the day. I have since left a review on Beanhunter and recommend you check them out if you’re in the area.

After picking up my repaired flash, we were ready to head home. Jas spotted a huge Lifeline at the end of the street, so we popped in for a look to see if we could nab any goodies. Luckily, I took my eyes away from my phone for a few seconds and spotted something we’ve been chasing for a while now; a huge saucepan with lid, perfect for soup season. Jas also grabbed a new tea-pot (that girl has an addiction, I swear!) before jumping back in the car for the drive home. We not only had a great day out, but also scratched some items off our ‘to-do’ list. Great success!

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  1. Kris, nice post and that studio of mine you are going to visit one day was within a few metres of you! Granted, we are away at the moment. Next time you are back, I will shout the chips in paper and we can fire up the elinchroms! Thanks for the beans tip too!

    1. Ah get outta here! That gives me 2 reasons to head that way again in the near future. Can you inbox me your address mate?

  2. thanks so much for positive feedback and post about our Roasterey, Much appreciated and hope that our beans are tasting good through your machine too. A tip, finer grind and longer extraction, wakes up the sweetness in them.

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