Biking to Boonah

My bike has seen little use of late. Jas isn’t the biggest fan of riding pillion, and I don’t blame her, so we usually drive when we are commuting somewhere together. However, after a cheeky little ride down to Elk over the weekend with a friend, I committed myself to doing a decent ride during the week. I tried to gather some other riders, though the combination of man-flu and employment left me riding solo.

I spent very little time planning my ride; a quick Google gave me some options for local rides, but I really only used it to check the police level and road quality of a ride I had in mind. I decided to make the trip out to Boonah and visit Lake Moogerah, a place full of old memories.

As soon as I rounded that last turn before Moogerah, I could see that the dam was chockers! It was so full that a strong breeze across the lake would have pushed some water over the wall! Boats and kayaks were zipping along the surface and I could see some tents on the far side of the dam. The wall was off-limits today, but I walked around and grabbed some shots before turning the camera on my bike.

Almost every holiday and long-weekend of my childhood was spent at the dam camping and water skiing with my extended family. We camped for weeks and weeks, leaving the grounds only for fuel, food and to escape some wicked storms. We’ve had camp sites destroyed from wind and hail, sites flooded from rising water (seriously – the dam rose about 6 meters during one storm!), days so windy you wouldn’t drive a yacht across the dam and water temperatures so cold in winter that you could stand on the fire after a ski and still not get warm.

Though for every one of those ‘average’ days, I enjoyed countless days of adventuring around the dam, riding between camp sites and making new friends, laying in the sunshine, skiing with brothers/cousins/friends, playing Double Dragon and Pokemon Red on my ol’ school Gameboy and enjoying time with a huge group of friends and family. I loved those days, they were so innocent, so relaxing. Being at the dam today made me feel nostalgic.

I stopped a few times on the way home, and decided on the fly that I would go the long-way home and pass through Tamborine. The roads there get frequent visits from riders over the weekends, but I was surprised how many people were out and about on the mountain during the week. I had some pretty empty roads, though the town was bustling when I passed through. Even though I didn’t stop in Tamborine, I made a mental reminder to take Jas up there sometime soon.

If anyone is interested, here is the route I ended up taking today. I headed west out to the dam. The road passed Biddaddaba (does anyone know that town exists?) had some great corners, but the road quality was poor and was actually only dirt in places, so I highly recommend bypassing that bit of street.

I wore the winter-liner in my jacket, but my hands, legs and neck still suffered the cold thanks to a very well shaded trip out to Boonah. I used the navigation option on my phone to tell me where to turn, and played some tunes in the background. The ride was great!

My bike is absolutely filthy, but thankfully, you can’t see how bad it is from the photos. I’ve had her for about 5 years now, and she still rides just as well as the day I picked her up! Another bit of bike-related news – being 25 now makes my bike insurance significantly cheaper – YAY! Now, like a proud parent, here’s my baby!

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