Coach Craig

I had the pleasure of shooting my good friend Craig a couple of days ago. Craig is a business coach, specializing in tradesman, here on the Gold Coast at Black Belt Tradie. He has always been a hard-working, driven person, but I am truly impressed with the work he has done here on the Coast and the amount of energy that goes into developing his own skills so he can train his clients.

When Craig started coaching, I was really interested in what exactly a business coach does, so I asked Craig a lot of questions about how he helps his clients. He is full of communication, marketing and sales tips and tricks, however, what I was particularly interested in was his tips about streamlining work, and delegating or outsourcing tasks. I’ve read a lot about other photographers outsourcing their editing after large shoots – this is particularly common in the wedding industry. Personally, I don’t shoot anywhere near as much as what would be required to make that an economical move, however, the principles can definitely be applied to other facets of my life. Thankfully, as a student I am time-rich (but money-poor), however, I will definitely be outsourcing jobs (washing, ironing, cleaning anyone?) when I am short on time and have some money to spend. As it turns out, having a third-person point-of-view and a critical eye passed over your business can be a great method of finding your weaker points, making specific, directed changes and moving forward to become more successful.

The reason for the shoot was simple – Craig needed some suitable shots for some upcoming marketing campaign that he is about to launch. I scouted around his building and found a few cool locations or backdrops, borrowed my trusty assistant Jas for the morning and used predominantly one large softbox and my studio strobes. I aimed to create a handful of different shots with a variety of feeling or emotion so that he has a selection of images suitable for web or print display.

A photo with an actual black-belt was essential, considering his business name.

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