Baby Ryder

I recently had the pleasure of finally meeting the freshest little baby in our circle of friends – little Ryder Hornsby.  The cute little man joined Ashe and Brendan (and Shazza and Darla) during study-week at the end of last semester, but our busy schedules kept us apart. After exams, we found some free time in the busy lives of Ashe, Brendan and Ryder, and like any friend would, used it as a chance to get our hands on the little man.

Ashe, Brendan and Ryder just recently had some beautiful family photos taken, but there was no way I was going to miss out on snapping a photo of him – I know aunty Jas wanted a pic nursing him too.  Ryder is a gorgeous, healthy, fresh little baby and he is surrounded by so much love. It was so good to finally meet him If you haven’t already – meet the gorgeous little man below.

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