Med Ball

Hey guys. Last Saturday was our annual Medicine Ball. Every May, a huge group of students and their partners get dressed up and meet in a fancy venue to wiggle the night away. This year, it was held at Jupiters Casino. We made sure our study was done early so we could relax and let our hair down Saturday night. It was our first Ball; Jas and I were too excited!

The Ball consisted of a lot of dancing and singing to a great live band and DJ, a little too much red wine consumption and way too much spillage (apologies on my behalf!) and a delicious sit down dinner. The waiters made sure there was plenty to drink, and the vege-options came out really fast. I wish we took a camera, as the dessert was the choice of an amazing lemony cheesecake or tiramisu. Both were delicious and looked pretty epic on the plate.

Jas and I both had a great night. We stayed at the casino for a while after the Ball finished, though we didn’t have a lot to gamble. We ended up sneaking out in the early hours of the morning before grabbing a cheeky kebab and heading home. I have only just come good today, I was lucky enough to nurse a massive hangover for the best part of Sunday – one of those ones where it hurts to move, even an eyeball.

We didn’t take a camera out, but we did grab a quick shot of each other before the night got started.

Luckily, Dayna offered to take a photo of both of us after doing Jas’ hair. Thanks Dayna!

Exams are 3 weeks away today – so I guess it is time to put the head down and get studying. I have got a lot to post after exams.

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  1. Looking great guys – glad you had a rad night!

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