Cosmo visits again

Jas and I have been lucky enough to have little Cosmo visit us again. His Mum and Dad have been away for a few weeks, and we have gladly had him keep us company and slightly distracted while studying for our exams (which start tomorrow! Eeeek).

After the fun we had last time we took him to the beach, we decided that we needed some fresh air, leave the confines of our study and soak up the remaining rays (and help with Vitamin D3 synthesis to prevent osteoporosis by increasing Ca++ absorption from the GIT and kidney… but that’s not what you came here for, right?).

Like last time, we headed down to the dog-friendly beach at the Spit and, just like last time, Cosmo didn’t even want to get out of the car. I’m not sure why he’s so scared of the great outdoors – maybe he can smell all of the other dogs and the little man is just petrified. Maybe he’s dog-anti-social.

Jas worked out that it’s easy to pick him up if you sit next to him, and coax him onto your lap. Using this technique, we finally got him out of his little house, and out of the car. Success!

We put him on his little blue leash and started the walk down to the water. He stopped to sniff almost everything we walked passed, and we had to keep throwing his little monkey-toy in front of him to get him to move – not too dissimilar from dangling a carrot in front of a horse (does that actually work?!)

As the light was fading fast, we decided to just carry him down to the beach. His little legs were too slow, and when he refused to walk, the little man feels like a concrete block on the end of that leash. When he got to the sand, I couldn’t tell if he was happy or not. He’s not like other dogs that run around full of excitement and happy to be free; he dug in the sand a bit, looked around inquisitively at the few other dogs on the beach and gazed casually off-camera. He wanted nothing to do with the ocean, but I don’t blame him, it was cold and he’s only a small dog after all.

Jas tried to get him interested in the sand by writing ‘Cosmo was here’ in front of him, but he wasn’t too interested in that either.

Eventually, he become more comfortable of the new environment and even approach a stranger for a scratch. He started digging around and wandered towards the higher dunes, searching in the sand sporadically. He enjoyed the beach more and more, however, he wanted nothing to do with us, and certainly didn’t enjoy having his picture taken.

We tried to get him running towards the camera, but he only wanted to dig in the soft sand at the top of the beach or be cuddled. Those were the only options, so we went for the cuddles and snapped some cute shots of him as the light faded.

He goes home tomorrow, and we’re going to miss having him around. Look at how much Jas loves him!

This one might be my desktop photo for a while.

Here’s some more shots of him – I couldn’t pick a favourite so I just threw a bunch together.

Before we left the beach, I wanted to get some photos of Cosmo in front of the local (thrashed to death) pier. Jas helped put him on the ground where I wanted him, but it was so cold that he either ran towards Jas for cuddles, shivered on the spot or ran towards me to hide under my legs for warmth. Damn he’s a cutie.

I also grabbed these as the sun set – the clouds were so pretty, but the water looked so dark and cold.

With a cold, non-compliant puppy, we decided to head home and get warm.

On the way out, I saw this sign and laughed. There is no way Cosmo is under “Effective Control”. Lucky you don’t have to pass an obedience test to enter the beach!

This little outing had a huge impact on our mental state during this exam block. I might have to get Cosmo again for the finals in October.

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  1. Sheila Davis says: Reply

    great shots, Kris – and what a beautiful dog, i mean girl!!

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