Bird Hunting Fail

A new member joined the Photography Challenges page on Facebook last week. She was so excited to be involved in the fun that it sparked my enthusiasm for the group again. Accordingly, I let her choose the weekly topic. She threw me a curve ball and chose Birds! I tweaked the topic to Birds and Wildlife, knowing that the day I venture out with my camera, the birds would all be laughing at me from afar, and I might end up getting lucky with a lizard sighting, or something.

As the weekend approached (and my opportunity to shoot some birdies), I took my camera along to a local blogger meetup that Jas was invited to with the intentions of taking some photos for her. Unfortunately for Jas, I did more chatting than shooting! I did shoot enough, however, to realise that my camera/flash playing up on me. I promptly sent my camera in to have the hot-shoe looked at. I suspect that the problem is with the hot-shoe; though this left me without my D700.

Not wanting the difficulty of the challenge to get the better of me, I pulled out my old D40. I paired it up with some nice lenses, and thought I’d take the opportunity to show you guys what difference a great lens can make. The D40 was made in 2006. It is 6 megapickles – 2MP less than my camera phone. There are minimal buttons on the body so I constantly had to dig through the settings, and the 3 auto-focus points left me lacking options when it came to shooting quickly. I was using the 70-200 VR2 and the 24-70, both Nikkor lenses. Hopefully, you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the experience of shooting with my old body again. It forced me to slow down and think about my photos before shooting, but I can’t wait to get my D700 back.

Here are two of the 5-or-so birds I saw that morning. It was almost midday, and I’m guessing the early bird grabbed the worm and went back to bed. It was hot and humid, and to be honest, not where I really wanted to be at that time of day.

Bokeh. The 70-200 is easily the best lens I’ve ever used. I love it.

Because I never like to do an entire post without Jas in there somewhere, here’s a shot of her at Vintage Espresso.

I hope you enjoyed this post – please get out and take some photos and send me the links. I want to see your work too!

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