Meet Ms. Loveday

Blog, meet Kylie. Kylie is an actor. She’s also funny, kind and easy to hang out with. Kylie asked me to take some photos that she can use as headshots to send off with CVs and applications/auditions. I haven’t shot headshots before – I actually prefer shooting quite a bit wider, but I used the opportunity as a chance to play with lighting and post. Kylie was fun to shoot – and clearly, the camera loves her! Hopefully these will be useful. I’ve thrown my favourites in below, and then a comp of 8x10s – why do agencies always ask for 8x10s?

The first shots were done on my thunder grey seamless. I probably had my 39″ Deep Octa setup – the light from that thing is gorgeous! I like this photo, but the black and white version below takes it to another level.

This next few shots are a lot tighter than I would usually shoot – I also usually short-light faces, but again, trial and error can yield some cool results.

I think Kylie looks like an author or something in this photo. I threw a hair-light in for this shot, just to see how it would turn out. It probably won’t be useful for her acting work, but it is definitely something I could see myself using on another shoot.

I changed out my background for my trashed old white seamless for the following shots. This photo crops well into 8×10, and I think Kylie looks very approachable and friendly in this photo.

This shot is the tightest I would usually shoot. I’m comfortable at this distance, and find it easier to compose in camera. I would have liked to be a little higher, but the 70-200 has a large minimum-focus-distance, and I couldn’t get enough height at the shooting distance.

This is definitely my favourite from the shoot. It crops excellently, and the light is well controlled. I was using an 18″ beauty dish with grid for this shot – the nice surprise was the splash of light on the background creating some separation. Saved me from having to use more than one light.

This is the first shot in B&W. I definitely like it more – it crops well too.

Finally, a comp of crops.

I think I’ll shoot again with Kylie in the near future. I’ve been hanging out with Kylie’s boyfriend (and my main man!) Jack a lot recently. He’s just getting into photography and I have an idea for a shoot that I think he would love. Shooting outside the studio environment always allows for more creativity and experimentation. Environmental headshots to come…

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  1. Nice shots Kris 🙂 Wow she has beautiful eyes. Looking forward to seeing the environmental shots.

  2. Looking sexy!

  3. Looks fabulous babe!! Even though it would be very hard to take a bad photo of Kylie, you did a fabulous job!

  4. Love these! Loved doing the photos! Many thanks to Kris for taking the time to create these shots!

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