Amanda and Pete Attard

It’s hard to find words to describe how amazing Amanda and Pete are. They have so much love for each other, and everyone around them. Their love is palpable… contagious. It’s hard to translate my feelings into words, but those who know Amanda and Pete will agree; being around them is calming. Relaxing. Fun.

I’ve been looking forward to shooting Amanda and Pete’s wedding for longer than they were engaged! I had a ball shooting their Engagement back in December – they are so easy in front of the camera and that translates into beautiful images. As expected, their wedding was gorgeous. The ceremony was in the magnificent St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Brisbane and the reception was held overlooking the Story Bridge and the Brisbane River at the Queensland Rugby Club.

Mrs Attard – your dress was ah-may-zing!

Pete and Amanda were both quite relaxed getting ready – I’m not sure how they kept their cool – I know I would be losing my mind with excitement.

The boys struggled with the buttoneers, even after we Google’d how to, and where to pin them. So funny.

Success with the buttoneers – we took some photos of Pete’s family in the lobby of his apartment. His nephew Bailey is the cutest little man. He looked the part in his matching suit.

After taking some photos of Pete’s family and the boys, we headed back over to the girls to catch the finishing touches. We were running to a tight schedule, and did not plan for the lifts in the building to be down when we got back. We had a long, long wait for the lift, or a sweaty climb to the 11th flood. Jas and I both had a lot of gear on us, so we decided to wait it out – lucky Amanda had wiggle room in her timeline – she wasn’t stressed at all when we finally got upstairs. We managed to arrive just in time to catch Amanda getting into her dress.

Check out how relaxed Amanda is before heading to the church! Cool, calm and collected.

Thank you Amanda and Pete for choosing the prettiest church in Brisbane! It certainly made my job easier.

Bailey wasn’t watching when Amanda and Pete snuck a kiss at the alter while signing the wedding certificates, but the Priest was.

He was quick to tell them off – but it was too late. And too funny.

The kiss.

Congratulations! Now for some quick photos and then it’s time to party.

I didn’t think you had it on right Pete…

The wedding party were a lot of fun to shoot – thank you all for your help throughout the day.

Some last minute practicing before heading to the reception – they had not practiced their dance with the gown on.

I think everyone was in stitches during the speeches – they were honest, genuine, loving and hilarious!

Amanda and Pete’s first dance as a married couple – Pete didn’t stand on the dress, and Amanda nailed her turns! Good job guys! Time to party.

The photobooth was funny – though some of the photos are not appropriate for this blog!

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

I have so many more photos that I’d love to post – maybe I’ll have to do a “Part 2”. I’ll leave you all with my favourite photo from the day. Pete – excellent location scouting – you guys look like you should be in a magazine! Thanks for sharing the day with us, I hope you went crazy in Mexico (JEALOUS!) and I look forward to catching up soon! x

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  1. Great job…and what a stunning bride!! đŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Jasmine! Can’t believe you commented here. What an honour!

  2. Amanda Attard says: Reply

    Thank you so much Kris, you have done an amazing job….some beautiful photos of our special day xx

  3. Angela Margison (Gran Gran) says: Reply

    What a wonderful photographic memory for Amanda and Pete. Kris you did a fantastic job with their engagement photos now their wedding photos. I know I will certainly spread your name around as the photographer for the special occasion.

    1. Thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Fantastic work Kris – photos look amazing and everyone looks like they’re having a blast!

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