Self-Portraits are hard!

My task this week (apart from all of my uni work) was to take a self-portrait. They’re quite hard. Not only is it difficult to get good focus and timing, it’s hard to take one and not feel silly! I wanted to get a photo that showed what I’ve been doing lately with all of my time. Basically, I’ve got some of my photography gear in the shot, a reference to coffee and of course, some uni work. I finished it off with my steth – I hope it’s not too much – hahaha! Who am I kidding – the whole thing is over the top.

The image is lit with 2 lights, no ambient. I have a gridded beauty dish on one RX600 slightly camera left and high for me. The other light is a 30 deg. grid on another RX600 raking across the front of the frame to give some shape to the lenses.

Have a go at a self-portrait and send me the link!

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  1. Kris – I love it! Not over the top at all. You failed to mention your facial hair though…

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