Strobist Boot Camp 3 – Project 2

Hey guys. Uni has been hectic, but I got the chance to get out today with my camera, and I thought I’d shoot something for the second part of the Strobist Boot Camp. This time, the brief was to… “photograph a local object — something of significance to your community”.

I thought long and hard about this project. What I wanted to photograph had to be meaningful to ME and my community. I initially wanted to shoot the new hospital that is being built – obviously, quite an important structure for both the community and myself, however, in keeping with the Strobist challenge, it had to be something I could light with no more than 2 small strobes.

The next most important ‘something’ to me would be the beach. I love the beach. I used to come down the coast with my family and stay at my Nanny’s place – walking to and from the beach all summer. I’ve had some amazing times at the beach and I have wanted to shoot at this specific location for a while now. I actually run passed this location while on my weekly jogs. The lifeguard is synonymous with the Gold Coast, and while it is currently winter here, I still love getting on the beach and enjoying the sunsets and blowing palms – they really make the coast feel like home to me.

I am not sure what I was thinking while shooting tonight – maybe it was too cold – but I shot entirely in “Normal-JPG” and forgot to grab the safety shot (as required in the competition).

I don’t mind though, I really like the shots I grabbed tonight, and it was fun shooting while the Sun set.

Strobist info:

2 x SB900s (1/2 power) on Joe McNally TriFlash bracket triggered by Cybersyncs (1 slaved). I had my beautiful girlfriend hold the lights on a monopod (you can see her in the shots) as sand and electronics are NOT friends.

I hope you enjoy these shots.

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  1. Jarrod Karadzic says: Reply

    That top photo of the lighthouse is unbelievable… So good!!!

  2. Jarrod Karadzic says: Reply

    *oopsss… by lighthouse I meant lifeguard… house?? haha

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