Product shooting

Hey guys.  The Facebook photography challenge has been going really well.  There have been so many really great entries – and I really hope a lot of people get behind it.  The challenge this week was set by Josh – and it was to photograph your favourite beverage.  My favourite bevvy is probably coffee – I live and breathe coffee – but I wanted to challenge myself.  So I decided to shoot something in a glass.  Anyone who has tried before knows how hard it is.  The book “Light: Science and Magic” helped me understand how to light glass a while ago – so I pulled out my toys and shot the following photos on my kitchen table.  Show me your favourite beverage.

This first image is so large that I decided to make it click-able to the high-res version.

And something you should always have after a few too many Vodkas… (may actually be so big you need to click it to see a reduced size – sorry about that)

The photos were lit with a 50″ Softbox behind (with black flag boomed for background) and a 18″ gridded-dish directly overhead.

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