Joy Santosha

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with a good friend to shoot some of her gorgeous vintage clothes. Sarah, from Joy Santosha, has a knack for finding the coolest vintage clothes in Op-Shops. Jas has been shopping with her before, walked into the same shops, looked through the same racks and almost never finds the same items that Sarah does. She has vision. Creativity. And skills to make alterations, to bring life back into an old garment.

Jas and Sarah tried on a heap of outfit combinations and I shot them to create some images for Joy Santosha. The items are all going to be on sale (if not sold already), so if you like any of them, get on over and contact Sarah for prices and more info.

We had a lot of fun in my garage studio, and after laughing and playing for a few hours, came up with some gorgeous shots of the clothes, and the girls.
Here’s some behind the scenes images. Thanks for a great afternoon and for getting your wardrobe out Sarah.

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