Strawberry Kisses

Jas is so cute.  She has been busy watering (and loving) her herbs lately.  It must almost be daily when I hear “YAY!  My [insert herb/fruit] is growing!”  It is so nice to see Jassie having fun growing her own little herbs and fruits.  We currently have a lot of our regular herbs and a few extras growing at our back doorstep.  Recently, it was the tomato plants that were getting the love – but since the strawberry started growing on the vine, he’s had all of the attention (poor tomatoes).

Jas went a little crazy over the weekend when she saw that her strawberry was ready to pick.  So I grabbed my camera and snapped a few of these off.  Love you!

Look at how much fun Jas had eating her one strawberry.  She said that it wasn’t as good as it looked, but at least she made it look delicious!

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  1. Strawberry vine?

    1. Yep… you got me… I would love it to be a vine, but alas, it’s a low-growing plant that spreads by runners… thanks Steve

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