Fashion Friendly

I’ve been working with a good friend for a client of hers for a little while now.  It has been keeping me busy every now and then, and I’m really enjoying it.  It gives me a chance to try some different lighting, building rapport with models, and working as a team to a schedule.  The job involves shooting clothes for display on a website.  The site/client sells designer gowns and dresses, and also rents them out all over Australia.

I spent the morning shooting a dozen items and had a lot of fun.  We worked with a new model this week, who was really good.  I have been lucky to work with two great girls on this project – three if you count the one responsible for organising the shoots/dressing the models/turning up with awesome stories – they all make the job so much easier.  So I thought I’d give a big thank you – I hope to work with you guys again.

I think next time I get a chance to shoot, I’ll try to snap a few tight portraits, but I made the following composition while I was stuffing around this afternoon.  This is Kate.  And yes, they are real laughs – we had good fun shooting these.

And this was probably my favourite shot of the day. I love the coat and I think Kate looks Melbourne-chic in it. The shot reminds me of how much I love winter fashion… QLD is the wrong place for me!

Make sure you keep your eyes out for my project that I’m launching soon – it’ll be a sub-section in my portrait series.  K

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