E-Session: Amanda and Pete

It feels like only yesterday that Amanda was telling me that when Pete (finally) proposes, she would love to have me as her wedding photographer. This is a huge compliment. I love finding out that people enjoy my photos – people aren’t forced to say things like that, so when they do, it means a lot. Funny enough, it was only days later that Pete surprised everyone by proposing. In style too. Nice one Pete!

After passing around the congratulations, Amanda asked me again, if I would like to photograph her wedding. I told her to check out other photographers too – as I don’t specialise in weddings – and even after looking around, she was thrilled when I said that I would love to shoot the day for her.

As the weather got warmer, and the days got longer, I asked Amanda and Pete if they would like an engagement session, or an E-Session. An E-Session is designed to get to know each party – and to get comfortable in front of the camera. We were all a little nervous, but as soon as we started, Amanda and Pete fell into position like pro’s. It was great to see, and gave us some amazing results. See below!

We headed down to Kingscliff to shoot the E-Session. The beach down there is basically deserted most of the time, and the place has special memories for A&P, so it was perfect. We planned to walk along the beach, and shoot things as we saw them. I had my trusty assistant to help me out – and she turned out to be a great Sherpa too! Thanks Jas!

I love this shot. Our beautiful couple look great, and it shows their easy-going nature, I feel.

Pete is such a joker. He was nervous coming into the shoot, but warmed up to the camera quickly – and before long, he was pulling faces and making Amanda, and us, crack up laughing.

We started early – which was good – because we got a lot of light to play with. I wanted to get as much as possible for A&P. Hopefully, some of these shots will feature in their wedding arrangements – or at least make great Christmas presents for relatives.

Every time I pointed out how well A&P were working the camera, they would both laugh hysterically. They were really getting into it, and it was great to see (and shoot).

The best part about working with an assistant or second shooter, is giving the couple an anchor to look at so that I can shoot from a different angle. Turns out, Jas is funny too!

We were on the beach. We had to write love-letters in the sand! You tried Pete, but we both know that girls are better at drawing love-hearts in the sand.

I snapped some portraits where I could – and played around with some posing – and I’m thrilled with how they turned out. Check out Amanda stepping up and bringing her A-game!

I love this sequence. Guys should take notes from Pete on how to flirt, even after being together for years. He has Amanda giggling like a school-girl constantly.

We moved up the beach and back onto solid land for a few shots down a path. I had promised that it was our last little shooting session – before Jas and I had a surprise.

I had arranged for Jas to sneak up and getting a bottle of vintage Chandon and some glasses and strawberries from the car, while Amanda, Pete and I walked down the beachfront (after a quick outfit change). To celebrate the engagement, and the end of our session, we sat on a picnic rug and enjoyed a glass of sparkling together – the sunset was incredible, so I couldn’t stop shooting.

I know I had promised that I wouldn’t take anymore photos, but A&P were just as keen as I was to get back into action to capture the last light and the beautiful colours in the sky. Amanda had definitely done her homework and was bringing all the big poses! I loved it!

We got our feet (and jeans) wet, had a few more laughs and captured a few more photos before driving back to Bris. The last photos of the day are some of my favourites.

Congratulations again, Amanda and Pete. I look forward to shooting your wedding.

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  1. Just beautiful Kris, I love them!!! We will treasure these pictures forever………

    I cant wait for the big day next year….x

  2. KRIS!!!!!!!! i am so proud of you! Amazing. Wow, i cant wait to get engaged/married (dont hold ur breath) Pete & Amanda u guys are so gorgeous together! mmmmwa

  3. They are so good! Congratulations A&P on the engagement and great images!
    Dayna I am with you Kris you can be my wedding photographer but you might be waiting a long time! x

  4. Angela Margison says: Reply

    Oh Mand Pete and Kris (Photographer, without your talents we wouldn’t have such a wonderful record), what wonderful photos. What a lovely way to celebrate your engagement. Your loving Gran and Grandad. xxxxxxx

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