Little Ethan Love

Oh my God. I got the chance to shoot our friends’ fresh little bubba over the weekend, and it was so much fun. It was definitely challenging, but I have already sent her one of the photos from the day, and she loves it – so I’m happy. Here is little Ethan on his Mum and Dad’s bed.  That’s them in their wedding photo behind him.  I have some more that will eventually go up – let me know what you think.

More to come…

4 Replies to “Little Ethan Love”

  1. aww he is the cutest! I just wanted to steal him away (and give him back when he starts crying of course hehe).

  2. What I think? I loooove his look!! Really adorable! And great picture of a toddler that isn’t kitschy 🙂

  3. He is a cutie isn’t he and such a great pic! I’d better watch out for Jas….going to have to deadlock the doors at night. haha

    1. Don’t worry kate I would sneak him back in quick smart with a dirty nappy haha. happy to just come steal a cuddle from time to time xx

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