Baby Portraits: Ethan

I had an excellent response from the photo I uploaded yesterday of baby Ethan. So good actually, that I decided to edit the rest of the photos and upload them right away! It was such a fun experience shooting little Ethan. He’s one month old, so he’s old enough to be awake a fair bit, but too young to properly respond to his environment. He can’t fully hold himself up – though his tummy time fun gets him holding his head up trying to look at us all.

His little room is the cutest. It is simple, has really nice light, and isn’t over-the-top boy! He has a little wardrobe with his cute little clothes hanging up, and a few toys around the place. He’s a lucky little man.

Out first plan was to shoot little Ethan on his Mum and Dad’s bed. They had navy blue sheets, so we put down one of this little white ones so that he didn’t blend in to the bed too much. He just chilled out and wriggled around a bit while I shot him from a chair. He’s a little model already. (I took the opening picture in this arrangement too)

I then saw the picture on the wall, and decided it would be fun to try and incorporate it into the composition. So we propped him on a little pillow and I shot from the ground up towards him and the picture. Jas and Kate were on standby for little Ethan because he has the tendency to slowly roll his body weight one side or another, and the little man wasn’t afraid of rolling off the bed! It was the cutest thing seeing him rolling around – he would end up stuck on his back until someone picked him up, and I think he was having more fun than the rest of us!

I really want to shoot a little bubba that I can curl into a ball and let them sleep all folded, like a pretzel. Ethan was way too awake for this, so we decided to put him in a little box with one of his cute little toys. We got a nice photo of him, and at first he was enjoying it. But it wasn’t long before he decided that was enough – maybe he thought Jas was going to close the box and steal him from his Mum.

We then set off outside from some shots that Kate had in mind. There wasn’t much blue sky to use as a background, and it was close to 2pm, so there was a lot of light to compete with. I used a small softbox with a speedlight on full to camera right for these ones. I simply got Mum or Dad, or both, to hold the little man up and clicked away. How can you not take a cute picture of this little guy though! Right?

Kate really wanted some little naked shots of him. Naked babies are the cutest – they have the softest skin. At one stage, Jas couldn’t get over how smooth his armpits were. It sounds ridiculous saying these things, but seriously, what product is he using on his skin, it’s amazing! Anyway, I used his change table wraped with a black sheet for the base of these photos, and my 5-in-1 reflector for the background. I had a small softbox camera right and a gridded speedlight almost his little head and camera right. He was too awake for these shots, so he alternated between the following poses and we weren’t able to pose him ourselves. Maybe next time?

He finished off this little series by weeing on his Mum, like any good baby does. And after Kate got him clothed again, I grabbed a quick shot of his little feet while he was getting a cuddle from Mum, and then grabbed one of Mum and Dad with little Ethan.

All images should click-through to a larger version.

Kate and Adrian, you have the cutest little man and I can’t wait to see him again. I will try and come down more so that he isn’t a big grown up before I know it. Thank you for letting me shoot him, and I hope you enjoy the photos. More to come…

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  2. Wow Kris, they are AMAZING! Thank you so much. Every single shot is perfect. I was thinking of redecorating the nursery but after looking at these pics I love it again. Your photography is breathtaking and I absolutely love your blog! Can I print it for keepsakes? I can’t wait to get some printed. Can you give me the name of who you use? Thanks again Kris. You truly have amazing talent!!!

  3. Congratulations Kate & Adrian, he is gorgeous. His nursery is just adorable.. the photos look amazing Kris!

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