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Hey guys. Today is sort of a serious post. I’m embarking on a new project. It will be one that will both help me to develop my skills as a photographer, and reward my subjects at the same time. I am proposing a new project that could potentially involve any one of you. If you are interested, please keep reading.

One of the struggles of working 9-5 in another job, and pursuing photography outside of those hours, is having access to locations and people, and being able to find time to make shots happen. After wandering around Sydney the last week and constantly thinking about the people that surrounded me, I came up with this idea. It’s not novel, but I think it would be fun and rewarding for all involved. So, what am I proposing? Basically, I would like the opportunity to make portraits of people/subjects, and in return (and to show my gratitude) I will be delivering a nice 8×10 or something like that to those involved.

Here’s the catch though. I don’t have the time at the moment to photograph everyone.  So you will need to appeal – and not just to me, but to my potential audience.  The better you are at something, the more specific your expertise and the more different you are, the more interesting you are (in my books, anyway). What does this mean? Simple, if you are or know of someone who has lived a life that fascinates you, and potentially others, let me know! I’m looking for people that will give me access to what makes them interesting and people who want to work with me to create a portrait that tells a story. I want the picture to be the story, able to stand alone without text – to fascinate others like you have been. Obviously, what is fascinating to one, might not even be interesting to others. But we can try, right?

I have already agreed to capture some photos of Jas’ Dad, Steve, volunteering as a Clown Doctor for sick kids – bringing a smile to their faces during hard times. This is a job that a lot of people would not know even exists, but having been visited by a Clown Doctor as a sick kid, I personally know how amazing and important they are.  I can’t wait for that opportunity.

Other examples could be things like a quirky Grandad that has spent part of his life hand-making guitars, or sanding boats. I would plan to contact Grandad in an attempt to be let into his shed and capture a portrait that tells that story.  You don’t need to be a model or anything.  In fact, the more ‘normal’ you appear, the more interesting the portrait could be.  You could be anyone and do anything.  I have an idea that I want to put by a friend too – he is a sound-engineer, and I have a shot in my head of him on the gear bus, surrounded by equipment (fingers crossed he reads this!)

Why am I doing this? I am doing this for a few reasons. Firstly, I think it would be a great opportunity to take some different photographs, in surroundings that I wouldn’t have access to unless I shot for a newspaper or something. Also, I find people really interesting, and enjoy hearing the stories of those around me. I also think some people have stories that need telling/sharing – and I would be honored to capture and tell that story for them. And finally, I think it would be a good opportunity for you, or someone you look up to, to have a nice portrait made for them that costs nothing more than a bit of their time. If my Nan were alive today, I would start with her portrait (RIP Nan).

Finally, as this is a personal, and hopefully on going project, I can’t drop everything I am doing in life to pursue these portraits. Therefore, I would like the experience to be a two-way street. This will be a collaboration – photographer and subject. The person has to WANT to be photographed, and not forced into it. I also reserve the right to pick and choose subjects (hopefully I have that many requests!). If you are interested, feel free to contact me via email or website comments.

To show how personal it is, I thought it would be fitting to add a self-portrait I made the other night to send off to QTAC. It doesn’t tell my story completely, but it is a snapshot of where I am right now – in a limbo period – it was required as proof-of-person for the interview I have coming up at Griffith to get into Med School. Yay!

Finally, this isn’t even a portrait of a human, but I love the shot so much and I feel like it is so engaging, I aspire to creating shots that connects as much as this does.

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  1. great idea man, will be good to see how this comes along!

  2. This is a fantastic concept. I know a few people that would make great subjects! Best of luck.

  3. I don’t know if I have a great story to tell but feel free to come take a photo when you and Jas come down for my birthday on the 18th!!! A year older – who knows I might look different??? xx

  4. good idea man. have you considered joining up with something like this:

    and giving some time and skills to make a potential difference in peoples lives?

  5. Hey Kris! Awesome site, nice idea, great mustachue and sweet images!

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