My TWO Mothers!

This is a post dedicated to my two mothers – my biological Mum, and her twin sister (my Aunty). You have both always been there for me, my brothers/cousins and everyone else in our family. You have been the backbone of our extended family, often being the only bit of strength that has remained constant over the years. I know everyone has lent on you at times, but I don’t know if everyone has shown their appreciation and gratitude for it. I just want to say, on behalf of all of us (but mostly myself), thank you for always being there, and we love you very much.

Happy 50th birthday, and I hope you enjoy the photos.  Love you both.

More to come…

3 Replies to “My TWO Mothers!”

  1. ohh thats very sweet!

    Great lighting in the pics!

  2. Beautiful portraits! I agree, great lighting.

  3. Hey Kris – It is a two-way street. Not only are you privaledged to have 2 x fantastic Mums, we are equally as privaledged to have YOU !! Thank you for your kind words and it is a great disguise being a twin, as no-one knows who you really are !!
    Love you Heaps – Mum XXXXXXX

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