Like a Bee to a Flower

I had a half day Wednesday at work (I don’t normally work Wednesdays), so instead of coming home and getting ready to watch the Origin (puke), I decided to play with my new gear.  I was so excited to receive them, that I wanted to do a little shoot with Jas – nothing major, just in our apartment.  Jas had a new hair-piece she made too, so it was a win-win!  We had the house to ourselves, so we cranked up some tunes and danced around and took some photos.  Here’s some of the photos that came out of the fun night we had.

(I wanted to include my little photo on the wall haha)

(I added a hairlight – it was a bit hot here but I toned it down a touch. What I don’t like is a hairlight with and no hairdresser on set to control the hair – it shows how wild Jas’ hair is!)

Here’s the setup shot for the last few pics. The softbox on the left wasn’t firing – it was just used as a reflector to lower the contrast in the photo a touch.

Without a white wall – or a grey wall in a suitable location to shoot against, I placed Jas in front of my big softbox with a speedlight inside to give me a white background. It worked perfectly and since I metered it, I didn’t need any exposure adjustment or masking or anything in post to make it go white!

And here is the setup shot for the last few. I did initially have a 28″ softbox on the Bee, but changed it to the reflector – no particular reason – I just wanted to see what the light looked like and get to know how they work.

Thanks for the fun Jas and hope you guys all enjoyed the photos. More to come…

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  1. lucky i am going to the hairdresser tomorrow to hopefully tame this mane!! ps. thanks for cropping out my pj bottoms haha

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