Dad Jokes

Those of you who know me, will probably already know that I LOVE ‘Dad Jokes’. I’ve heard some good ones in my time too, so I like to stop and appreciate them when they come along. For those not familiar with said jokes, allow me a little moment to tell a few of my favourites.

When you’re driving past a cemetery, “People are dying to get into there” / “You know, that’s the dead center of town”
When you walk outside and the neighbour is washing his car, “Do you mind giving mine a quick once over next?”
When helping someone move furniture and you both won’t get through the doorway at once and you say “You go…” and Dad replies, “Don’t call me Hugo!”
When you head down to the beach fishing and you call to your Dad, “I’m just going out fishing with a net”, and he yells back, “What does Annette think about that?”

You get the point.
They are awesome. Probably about as good as a good Engrish joke, maybe even better. You can’t say too many in a short period though, or you start to get eye-rolls from your audience/girlfriend.

The other night at the fruit-shop, we were loading all of our fruit and vege onto the counter to be scanned and weighed. Bag of carrots. Tomatos. Pumpkin. One pear. I said to the girl, “is it still called a pear if I only buy one?”

It took her a while.

But I could tell she loved it.

Jas loved it more though (thanks lover – for laughing at my jokes).

More to come…

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